Some Spiky Blue Buttons

  Here are some blue oval shaped button beads with little green protrusions placed along their edges. I handmade them by lampworking glass. A lovely set that would make any item of clothing unique.

Little Blue Person Bead

A blue bead that looks like a person asking for a hug. Maybe I should make some friends so I have a blue man group. This was created by lampworking, by accumulating blue dots on to clear glass.

Two Interesting Purple Beads

  Here are two very differently shaped beads, united by their lovely shade of purple. The reflections on the top bead look like a screaming face I think!

What a Year!

2013 has been a topsy turvy roly poly exciting time for me. I survived university and got a good degree out of it, and since then I have been setting up my own business. I can imagine that will take…

Contemporary Glass Society

This summer I had the great opportunity to exhibit at New Designers in London. There is an online showcase of 16 glass student’s work now on the Contemporary Glass Society’s website: 

Exciting News!

After setting up my work for my degree show last week I have been selected for New Designers, a graduate show showcases over 3000 students. Only 15 students from my course were selected and it’s a huge privilege to be able…